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Concrete Curbing For Landscaping

Are you searching for ways to increase aesthetics and value to your garden, landscaping, or driveway?

Many businesses and homeowners are convinced that concrete curbing is the ideal option to add structure and style to their outdoor space. The benefits of concrete curbing are the low maintenance, overall cost, and an increase in the property’s value. The decorative landscape curbing can give a natural appearance to your gardens, flower beds, trees, playgrounds, walkways, swimming pools, gazebos, and much more. Concrete curbing is more affordable and long-lasting than typical lawn edging material. It drastically reduces the trimming and edging time needed for landscaping maintenance. Concrete curbing is sturdy, constructed, durable, and can be used as an excellent barrier between your landscape curbing and the weeds that can be a burden.

Concrete curbing won’t decay like wood and move like other landscaping borders (brick, steel, plastic, or edges). Classic Masonry can make the landscape curbing of fibreglass-reinforced concrete coloured and stamped, which has proven to last for decades of practical and aesthetic pleasure. The concrete curb doesn’t need to remain in its grey, natural state. We can customise it into different colours and styles with different concrete curbing styles and patterns.

Get in touch today to arrange a time with one of our knowledgeable masons to visit your home and provide a no-cost estimate, and then help you design the perfect concrete curb design for your home.

Benefits of Concrete Landscape Curbing

Why is it important to have concrete curbs for your landscape?

If you’re tired of having to replace damaged or rusted landscaping curbs or aren’t happy with the appearance that plastic or metal offers your garden, think about the installation of concrete curbing for your outdoor space.

Concrete curbing for landscaping is the best solution for long-term problems. We can mould concrete extruded to adhere to any curves and patterns your landscape might have. It’s not as difficult as trying to bend steel to appear like an arc.

The extruded method allows mason contractors to

  • Mix the concrete on the spot
  • Customise your curb design and colours to match any brick, stone, or specific colour you find in your yard.

With concrete, you’ll get an uninterrupted border that will stop undesirable grass and weeds from getting into your flower bed. If you take care of it, a concrete curb can last for the entire life of your house.

Different Curbing Types

Concrete curb

If you are planning on installing a concrete curb, you must plan your project carefully. The first step is to measure the area where you plan to place the concrete curb. Choose a focal point of your yard, such as a fountain, to place the surrounding curb. You can use steel forms to build the curved part of the edging. Once you have the measurement of the curb, you can purchase the materials. After getting the materials, you can begin the curb installation process.

Street Curb

Street curb separates the pedestrian walking space from the vehicle road and it has several cuts along the curb. The number of allowed curb cuts depends on the subdistrict and the location of the street curb. The amount of space that may be cut is also limited. For example, a sidewalk street curb can have only one cut in five feet. The city code also regulates the height of the cut.

Masonry Curb

Masonry curbs are very popular and sometimes are required by law. Depending on the type of curb you want, you can choose from various materials. A concrete curb will be difficult to keep looking neat and new, while a masonry curb will last longer. A stone curb will be more durable and look more attractive, but it is also a bit more expensive. Whether you want a concrete or a brick curb, a mason contractor can help you find the right design and materials for your project.

Brick Curb

We can use a brick curb on driveways and sidewalks to add a nice, decorative feature to your property. Its unique shape makes it great for various tricks, including flips after a grind. You can also use a brick curb to fingerboard because of its large surface area and raised nubs for more accessibility. 

Concrete Curb Installation Process

The concrete curbing installation process is not very complicated and many homeowners can also try to do it by themselves. However, in order to get a more professional and better-looking concrete curb, you might also consider hiring a masonry contractor. The concrete curb installation process typically is an hour-long project, and once the team is finished, your property will be as neat as it was before they arrived. Usually, our concrete curb installation process goes through the below steps:

  • Preparing the area: After assessing the area that we will work on, we make sure that it is levelled and even. We plan the route that the curb machine will travel.
  • Make the mix: First, we mix the cement and the choice of colour. We weigh it precisely to ensure uniformity of colour and also a non-crack curb.
  • Form curbs: The mix is then put on a wheelbarrow; then, the equipment is positioned near the path’s point. The mix is pushed into the machine and then extruded in the curb’s shape of your choice.
  • Finishing: We will trowel the curbs to add the finishing touches and then make control joints. We also stamp the pattern you prefer during this step.

Get in touch today with Classic Masonry and we will be happy to help you initiate your concrete curb installation process as smoothly as possible.

Concrete curbing installation cost

When considering the cost of concrete curbing in the UK, it is important to know that this material can be costly. Water can cause the surface to deteriorate, causing it to develop fungus, mildew, or efflorescence. The best way to save money on your project is to hire a masonry company specialising in concrete curbing.

The cost of concrete curbing varies depending on the material you choose and the location, size, and type. You can get poured concrete or brick curbing for about $2-3 per square foot. Add on the cost of labour and installation, and you’re looking at up to $13 per square foot of finished work. The price will depend on your location and whether you need isolation or reinforcement materials. And don’t forget to factor in any additional materials you might need, such as a concrete barrier or a stone wall.

Concrete curb creations and designing service

A custom concrete curb creation and designing service can enhance your landscape and flower beds. These decorative accents are custom-designed to complement your home and outdoor space. Top-quality materials and artistry are used to make the borders. The natural stone beauty compliments your landscaping and reflects your fine taste. 

You can choose the best curb for your garden or flower bed from a wide range of designs. If you are looking for a high-quality, professionally created driveway curb ramp or patio, then it is time you sought a service that will make your garden a showpiece. Get in touch today for a free personalized quote.

Curb repairing service

A curb repairing service is important for various reasons. Broken curbs are unsightly and can be a liability while decreasing the value of your house. They can also be dangerous, posing a danger to customers and a threat to your business. While you might put off the repairs yourself, a curb leaking water or crumbling is a big problem. If you have cracked concrete, you’ll need a professional mason to come and fix it as soon as possible. Classic Masonry can always help with any kind of curb repairing service. Send us an email today and our friendly team will be happy to support you.