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Middletown Driveway, Walkway, and Steps Installation And Repair Experts

For homeowners, maintaining walkways, driveways, and steps is crucial when trying to preserve the look and feel of your home or commercial building. Classic Masonry aims to fulfill every masonry design and construction need for our customers with high-quality materials and expert masonry design. At Classic Masonry we provide construction and installation of driveways, walkways, back doorsteps, and front porch steps. We are the best-licensed masonry contractor in New Jersey with the proper expertise and team behind it to construct your functional and beautiful driveways, walls, and steps. Classic Masonry never compromises on time, and we work with you to complete your project to your desired specifications. 

Walkways And Pathways

Walkways and pathways provide much more than a way to get in and out of your home or business. They are a design element that can enhance the appeal of your landscape. Classic Masonry meticulously pays attention to the design, and construction of walkways and pathways to ensure a beautiful finish.  Classic Masonry can use a variety of different materials to construct your outdoor walkways and pathways such as concrete (which is the most common), gravel, stone, brick, interlocking concrete, crushed paver, and more. 


Driveways are the private roads for visitors to access your home or business. Masonry driveways are usually laid with brick or cobblestone or combinations of both. Driveways can also be paved with interlocking paving stones or stamped concrete designs, whichever you prefer. Classic Masonry can help choose the design that will transform your exterior landscape. Driveways are not only functional elements of your home or business, they are a point of emphasis on your property. Driveways require a higher level of attention because of the constant stress that they incur and can easily require expensive repairs. Classic Masonry ensures that we install driveways that will last with a firm foundation that will not get any cracks, and will last beyond our lifetime. We can stay within your budget, design, and construct the perfect driveway to your exact specifications

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