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retaining wall masonry

Classic Masonry specializes in structural and decorative retaining walls and retaining wall systems that will last a lifetime. With years of experience in the masonry industry, our expert masons can build you the perfect retaining wall to your exact specifications. We can build you a retaining wall that will go seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping, and offer a much needed functionality.

We construct retaining walls for both residential and commercial clients. Retaining walls for your landscape can be built with a variety of different materials, and will add a beautiful dimension, depth, and interest to your property. We can create simple accent walls, or complex and tiered retaining wall systems to your liking. Retaining wall systems, and structural retaining walls can be the perfect solution to handle drainage issues, impede erosion, level off a sloped yard, increase usability, increase privacy, and to increase the overall look of your landscape. Contact Classic Masonry today to design and construct the perfect retaining wall.