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Modern outdoor kitchen

Few joys in life compare to cooking and fostering yourself and your loved ones. A modern outdoor kitchen enhances that joy to the back of your house and in the open sky, where together with your family you can dine in luxury all year long. A modern outdoor kitchen is an excellent method to upgrade your external space and build a fantastic experience for your guests or family celebrations! You don’t need to be an experienced chef to appreciate a modern outdoor kitchen – the love of cooking and stylish designs will be enough! The kitchen is evolving to the centre of sociable events, so it makes sense that we help you to bring it outside!


You can incorporate additional features like a bar, seating, and entertainment facilities. You can even add elements like insect repellent or foliage, which will give your modern outdoor kitchen an even more comfortable ambience. you might also want to consider adding an entertainment centre and bar area. Besides a modern outdoor cooking space, an addition to your backyard can be a fun way to spend your time outdoors with your friends and family.


While a traditional kitchen includes a table and chairs for cooking, you can easily create a low table and chairs in a garden or patio for your modern outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking for an elegant option, you can incorporate a counter and barstools inside the bar. You can also create multiple areas for dining and entertaining. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you can create multiple sitting and eating areas. Classic Masonry can help you to decide which outdoor kitchen design would be the best fit for your space and your needs.


It is also important to consider the climate in your area and choose the right materials and make sure they suit your needs and budget. A high-quality outdoor kitchen can make a family kitchen more functional than a traditional one. The temperature in your area may fluctuate drastically, so make sure you select the right materials. You can also consider using a fire pit and a pergola to extend your living space and protect your outdoor kitchen from bad weather.


Outdoor kitchen designs

No matter if you are having a small family meal or a gathering with friends, having a well-equipped outdoor kitchen is a top priority for many homeowners. Even though a movable grill can get you started, you can have a much better experience with a proper outdoor kitchen design, by hiring an experienced masonry company to come up with outdoor kitchen ideas that combine the materials and style of your house.


Stone outdoor kitchen

Selecting the best stone for an outdoor kitchen is an essential part of the kitchen design. It contributes towards an outdoor kitchen that is either a sensation or a disappointment. Low-quality material will stain, scratch, etch and make your outdoor kitchen look disappointing quickly (not to say it will also need a lot of repairs and attention). The best stones for an outdoor kitchen are quartzite and granite. Because they are the most resistant to scratching, staining or high temperatures. There are also other available choices like sandstone and marble so to make the right decision you might need to consult with a professional masonry company.


The design of your outdoor kitchen should fit the overall style of your house. If you’re trying to match an existing colour scheme, you might need help from a masonry contractor to help you choose. Whether you have a contemporary or a traditional style of home, you’ll find a stone outdoor kitchen that fits your needs and compliments the look of your home. It’s a great idea to mix and match different materials, and the result will be a beautiful, conveniently outdoor kitchen that you can use all year round.


Brick outdoor kitchen

Consider brick outdoor kitchen designs if you are a cook with creative flair. This design offers a more open layout and plenty of counter space. You will have all the appliances you need right at your fingertips. This design is ideal for family gatherings. The space in front of the grill is ideal for cooking and entertaining, as the countertop space can be used as a buffet, bar, or seating. You can also install a hidden prep counter and add decorative tiles. For the backsplash, consider adding oversized florals. The brick outdoor kitchen design will make you want to cook and entertain outside.


Based on the dimensions of your backyard, the brick outdoor kitchen with fireplaces can be an excellent method to host guests. Besides a fireplace, you can add a television or bar area to your brick outdoor kitchen. You can also add other heating sources to the area near the brick outdoor kitchen so that guests can stay warm without having to stay inside. This type of outdoor kitchen design will help you keep the space cool in the winter and comfortable in the summer.


Small outdoor kitchen

Small outdoor kitchen designs are a popular option for a backyard extension. This addition offers the added benefit of being completely customizable. There are many styles of small outdoor kitchens, each with its unique characteristics. Once you’ve chosen the design, it’s time to decide what amenities you’d like to include. Classic Masonry can help you with some ideas for building a practical outdoor kitchen.


If your home is in a dry climate, avoid using natural stone or tile. While tiles can be beautiful, they can be prone to fading and chipping. If you live where temperatures fluctuate frequently, consider installing a roof or pergola in your patio. These can make your small outdoor kitchen usable all year round. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, you could also install a built-in wine fridge for additional convenience.


Modular outdoor kitchen

A modular outdoor kitchen can be a great place to entertain. Consider the features you will need for entertaining when choosing the layout of your modular outdoor kitchen. You can build in a dining area, lounge area, or even a bar. Install a fireplace or other heat sources near the seating and dining areas if the weather is cold. If the space is shaded, you can place a television inside. 


Decide whether you want walls or no walls. A wall will provide easy positioning for your cooking equipment and a barrier to the wind. A solid, durable floor is essential. Otherwise, water can damage the main building. Once it hits the structure, it’s almost impossible to fix it. Consider building a roof over your outdoor kitchen for optimal utility. You can create a cozy, relaxing environment that will make you want to spend time with family and friends or if you need help to design your modular outdoor kitchen, get in touch today and our friendly team will be happy to support you.


Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

An outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven is a fantastic expansion to an outdoor living area. Because these ovens are custom-built, you will have a chance to decide on the exterior design! Usually, a masonry company can help to complement the design of your outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven with the property, so combining the same materials from the house for consistency. This will give your house a better identity and coherence, feeling as if they were all built together.


You need to consider tools and materials that can resist the extreme heat within the oven. Long-arm pizza peels are not only used to withstand the heat but also to slip the food in and out of the oven with ease, this tool is mandatory. You should also research the essential cleaning mechanisms to keep your oven in high quality. Long-handled ash rakes, brushes and shovels can assist you to keep your oven clean and perform at its best.


Classic Masonry would be happy to support you in integrating elements like a pizza oven within your outdoor kitchen design! Realizing the full potential for your external space is our thing, and building customized outdoor living areas for your family to enjoy is our passion. Get in touch today for a free quote.


Custom outdoor kitchen

Custom outdoor kitchen designs are becoming more popular, especially with warmer weather. They allow you to prepare and enjoy your meals outdoors. And since they’re so versatile, you can find one to match any taste. Depending on your budget and style, you can choose a grill with a storage cabinet and countertops. Other essential elements include a sink, refrigerator, and counter space.


If you have a small yard, think about a custom outdoor kitchen with a smaller footprint, a fireplace, or a lounge area. If you don’t need a fireplace, it can serve as a seating area. You can also install a refrigerator and a beverage cooler. Besides, you can install seating, outdoor lighting, and foliage to give you a comfortable space to gather. Finally, you can even build a bar or a comfortable couch in your outdoor kitchen for extra entertainment. But remember, if you have a large backyard, a custom outdoor kitchen is still a better way to enjoy and our team can help you to design your custom outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Kitchens Cabinets

If you are looking to make the right choice when planning your outdoor kitchen, a high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinet and its material will be an important decision. The cabinet material must resist the impacts of the weather and changes in temperature – so we will explain when is better to use wood cabinets and when it is better for stainless still cabinets. 

Wood outdoor kitchen cabinets

Wood is the most widespread material for indoor kitchens, but it can also be used for outdoor kitchen designs. Even though wood combines well with most outdoor landscapes and is appropriate for outdoor areas, it has some drawbacks. Long duration in contact with water can cause wood to decompose, requiring repairs or replacements. In addition, being exposed to the sun and wind will undermine the surface over time. Another thing to keep in mind is that wood outdoor kitchen cabinets are also flammable, frequently needing a stainless steel sleeve to be established around the grill or oven.

Stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets

If you want to create an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets are the perfect option. They are very robust and require only minimal maintenance. Powder-coated stainless steel cabinets are even more durable than their bare metal counterparts. Stainless steel is the best material for outdoor cabinets as it is more durable to corrosion, but it has to be appropriately maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid rust, scratches, or stains. With periodic care, stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets are very resistant to high temperatures and chemicals and will last for a long time – making them the ideal option for outdoor kitchen cabinets.


Outdoor kitchen cost

No matter in what situation you might be and if you have a low budget, it’s important to have an idea of how much does an outdoor kitchen costs. This can provide you with additional control over your spending and the design of your outdoor kitchen. Like any other construction project, you will need to consider:

  • The budget
  • The space
  • The location
  • The materials
  • The usage
  • The features and equipments, such as grills, pizza ovens, stoves, refrigerators, storage, etc. (You should consider only types of equipment applicable for outdoors)
  • The type of fuel, like gas or electric
  • The principles and restrictions
  • The maintenance
  • The weather
  • The heating and lighting

Additional elements such as pizza ovens, patio heating, ice machines, smokers, and beer dispensers will increase the final cost. Usually, most outdoor “weather-proof” kitchen equipments can be more expensive than indoor types.


How Much Does it Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

On the low end, You can expect to spend from $2000-$3000 for a low-end outdoor kitchen to as much as $55,000 for a high-end design. This can depend on many factors and elements such as the quality of the materials used and the number of appliances, features and accessories you purchase for your outdoor kitchen.


Final Things to Consider 

We have explained some basic details and features of outdoor kitchens, but what about other elements like flooring, seating, insect repellents, fire pits, entertainment for chilly days and nights and protection from the weather? Most of these things should be discussed with your masonry expert because they are the best fit to provide advice tailored to your specific needs.