Brick Mailbox Installation and Brick Pillars

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Brick Mailbox Installation and Brick Pillars

A brick mailbox adds outstanding adequate looks to any home. There are many popular modern brick mailbox designs from minimal elegance to extensive and luxurious styles. A new brick mailbox installation will not only add greatly to your residence attraction, but masonry mailboxes are also a fantastic substitute over traditional wooden posts or other types of mailboxes.


Modern Brick Mailbox Designs

If you’re looking for an interesting mailbox design that is easy to maintain, modern brick mailboxes are a great option. Whether your style is contemporary or classic, brick is a versatile choice for a modern home. A brick or masonry mailbox building blocks are flexible, allowing you to build them with features and colours that complement your house’s exterior.


Masonry mailbox tops require the horizontal laying of the bricks and precise cutting. This style is most affordable but requires you to add a backlight. A rounded or square top is also available. You can even buy a box that doesn’t have a lock or a plain, unpainted brick mailbox. Once you’ve chosen the style, you can add a decorative backlight to it for a more modern look.


If you’re not sure how to choose the right brick mailbox design for your home, you can always buy a masonry mailbox from a masonry company like Classic Masonry. We usually can help you with free brick mailbox ideas and give you more freedom to choose the right brick colours and materials. They are also available in custom sizes for special cases. You can also customize your mailbox for your house by adding additional columns, features or a curved brick accent.


Adding a masonry mailbox to your home’s exterior will add value to your home. Whether you like a modern brick mailbox that matches the style of your home or one that complements your architectural style, your mailbox will stand out from the rest. The best brick mailbox designs will make your house look more unique and attractive while preserving its integrity. Just make sure you have a good idea of your desired masonry design before making the final decision.


If you’d like a modern brick mailbox for your home, you can choose from various styles. It’s best to hire a masonry contractor to install your mailbox. The mason will ensure that the brick mailbox meets postal standards and looks beautiful. The mason will recommend the exact design and location of the mailbox on your home. Contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to support you.


Brick Mailbox Installation

In order to have a proper brick mailbox installation, first, you have to prepare the footing and once it is ready, you can start the installation process. You can try to do it yourself or hire a masonry company to install the mailbox. The labour cost of installing a masonry mailbox largely depends on the size and style of your masonry mailbox. You can purchase a pre-built brick mailbox for less than half the price and install it yourself for a lower cost. However, if you want your masonry mailbox to look like someone professionally installed it, you should also consult with a masonry company to help you get started. Classic Masonry can provide with a FREE quote and brick mailbox ideas.


The first step in brick mailbox installation is to dig a footing. After pouring the concrete, use a level to level the ground and pour in the cement. After the concrete dries, the mailbox cap needs to be installed over the brick column. Once the cap is installed, you can use a brick hammer to pound it into place. When the cap is in place, you can start installing the mailbox. After that, you want to set up the masonry mailbox, you’ll need to cut out any debris inside it. Using a hammer drill with a chisel bit is the easiest way to do this. When chipping out the debris, you’ll need to be careful not to pry against the outer brick, as it’s difficult to work with. Once you’ve cut the debris out, you’ll need to install the mailbox into the new opening. Next, you’ll need to cut the area where you’d like to install the mailbox. You’ll need to use mortar to fill in any gaps between the brick and mailbox. Once the mortar is dry, you’ll need to set the mailbox in place. Then, you’ll need to apply cedar shims to stabilize the mailbox in the opening. After that, the bricks should be levelled. It may sound like a complicated process, but we can take all this burden away from you if you get in touch today for a FREE quote.


Brick Mailbox Cost

Different building models and other cost elements are documented below that will assist you to evaluate the brick mailbox cost according to the design that you have in mind. Classic Masonry has assembled masonry mailbox prices from different sources to make it easy to compare. A brick mailbox costs from $600 to $1,500 on average, but this can depend on different factors like the size, design, brick type, style, base, location, accessories, and if it is a pre-built or custom-made masonry mailbox. Masonry companies like Classic Masonry can create a bespoke brick mailbox to align with the house’s existing brickwork.


The cost elements to install a new brick mailbox include:

  • Size & style – Costs can be higher for large models and complicated designs.
  • Pre-built or custom-built – A pre-made masonry mailbox installed upon delivery can be cheaper than building a bespoke brick mailbox on customer premises.
  • Labour – Mason companies usually charge from $40 to $100 hourly for any extra custom work required.
  • Permits – You need to get a permit to build your masonry mailbox which can cost from $50 to $135 while an electrical permit costs $30 to $60 when installing wiring for lights.
  • Other – There are also additional costs when incorporating accessories like a large mailbox, planters on the sides, lights, or address signs with house numbers.


We can also wire a brick mailbox to provide lighting for your mailbox. A masonry mailbox can be wired for lighting, but it will be more expensive if you have to hire a mason to do it. We can also upgrade it in terms of decorative options. Depending on how much money you have to spend, you can choose to construct a brick mailbox yourself or have it installed by a professional masonry company like Classic Masonry.


Brick Mailbox Repair

Almost every year, a lot of brick mailboxes are damaged by cars or trucks while many others are undermined. However, in most of these cases, the reasons may include poor construction work, loose bricks, corroded mailboxes, decomposed mortar, and leaning mailboxes that creates a need for repairs. Although bricks and mortar are among the strongest building materials, the repair eventually will be required at some point. Whether your masonry mailbox has seen better days or you’d like to make it look new again, there are some things you can do to make it look better. 


If your brick mailbox is damaged, wrecked, or in need of attention, Classic Masonry will be glad to help you get through the repairing or rebuilding process. Furthermore, if your mailbox has been smashed by a car or truck, it will probably not be possible to repair it. Sometimes, repairing your mailbox may be expensive, in this case, you may want to consider an upgrade to receive lasting outcomes, more useful function, or better appearance. Nevertheless, if the mailbox is only barely damaged with a few loose bricks, or perhaps your mail container has corroded it most likely makes sense to repair it rather than build it from scratch with a new masonry design.


Regardless of the cause of damage, brick mailbox repair can save you money. If the mailbox is in good shape, we may reuse bricks and mortar, an environmentally friendly way to fix the problem. However, if the crack is large, it may signify a more serious problem. For minor issues, brick mailbox repair can cost around $500 to $700, and the job can be completed approximately in a week. Be wary of cheap estimates, as they usually mean lower quality work. Check their credentials, liability insurance, and bond guarantees.


While brick mailbox repair may seem expensive, you can save money on the cost of replacement parts. A masonry mailbox can last around ten years, depending on the type of repair needed. The best way to get it repaired is to contact a masonry service. A masonry contractor will assess the damage and determine what is necessary. If your brick mailbox is damaged, a professional can do the work quickly and affordably. Get in touch today via email or phone and let us help you repair or replace your old mailbox while making sure all your questions are answered and you receive the support to decide what would be the best approach in your situation.


Brick Pillars and Brick Columns

Brick columns are strong and beautiful. They serve as the prime load-bearing element in a masonry structure. They are useful in many situations, including a plant stand or a pillar. It’s a great addition to your home. It will add beauty and strength to your home. These brick pillars are also great in landscapes, such as on boundary walls. The selection of brick columns over concrete columns can improve not just the masonry design of the column, but also the whole masonry structure. The assembled brick pillars are available in various forms like round, rectangle, square, or elliptical while the height of the pillar will be built accordingly to your needs.


You can also create a freestanding brick column. You can build this type of structure yourself if you know how to build a sturdy brick pillar. This pillar type is not expensive, and it is a great way to emphasize your veranda handrail. A few extra steps can create beautiful, self-supporting plant support. A skilled handyperson can even erect a column in an afternoon. We can also build a brick column in your yard or park. 


It is best to create a foundation for your brick column by putting reused bricks on the ground’s surface. Then, you’ll want to build the pillar as high as possible. By using recycled bricks, you’ll save a lot of material and labour. If you’re looking for a classic masonry design with strong durability, brick pillars are a reliable alternative. The average cost to install a wall with brick pillars varies from $775 for the low end to as much as $15,000 for the high-end options. Nevertheless, your final cost will depend on the materials you use, the location, the square footage, and whether you choose to hire a contractor or you do it by yourself. Experienced masons will also try to match the pillars to the current house’s appearance. However, for professional and high-quality work, you can rely on Classic Masonry as one of the leading masonry companies in Middletown NJ. Get in touch today for a FREE quote.